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We are deeply rooted in Silicon Valley and Greater China. Our experience in cross-border investment enables us to help entrepreneurs determine the best market entry strategies and connect them to the right partners.


Imagination is where the future starts. We work with our entrepreneurs at the early stage to solve complicated problems at a global scale.


Our thematic approach creates frameworks for deciding where to build networks, find talent and deploy capital. CRCM Ventures is focused on consumer/media, health/wellness, frontier and blockchain technologies.


After I resigned from Sohu in 2005, Ding and I met in China and US several times to discuss entrepreneurship and venture capital opportunities in China. While our company, Heyi Holdings, did not have a detailed plan at the time, he had the confidence in our team and our vision (which incubated Youku). Farallon became one of our two seed investors, which Ding represented and we have worked on various projects together for more than a decade now. I have strong confidence in Ding and the CRCM team in terms of integrity, work ethics and willingness to help when needed.

Victor Koo

Founder of Youku

"CRCM was our earliest investor back when we were a team of two. They were essential for helping us get our company off the ground as well as introducing later stage investors as we grew. Ding was a member of our board and he and his team were an important contributor to our cross-border strategy. CRCM operates with tenacity and integrity, things we value the most from our investor partners."

Alex Zhu CEO

"CRCM Ventures was a seed investor in our company and has been an important advisor to our growth and strategy over time. Their team is very personable and are always accessible. Overall they are a great partner to have with us from seed to acquisition. We truly enjoyed working with CRCM and look forward to more opportunities to partner together in the future."

Yi Li

Orbeus CEO

"Ding and the team he leads at CRCM always demonstrated their ability to see around corners and be bold. They were very early investors in both Ripple and XRP - and from those early days they helped our team in building contacts and growing out network across Asia"


Ripple CEO

"CRCM Ventures led our second seed round of financing as we began to take Cargo nationwide. Since then, CRCM partners have been an impactful member of our board, syndicating capital from other funds and LPs in subsequent rounds of financing, helping us strategize and negotiate international licensing deals in Asia, and allocating their full team's resources to potential investors, brand partners, and hires. We look forward to working with Toby and the team for many years to come!"

Jeff Cripe

Cargo CEO